In 2015 I was asked to travel to Panipat India for work to get a better understanding of how handwoven rugs were made.  Depressed and overwhelmed by life, I begrudgingly boarded a plane. I hashtagged my photos “eat pray rug” for that trip as a joke, and I learned very little about hand-weaving, but it opened up my world.  Nothing can change your perspective quite like a trip to somewhere so different.

Weaving found me. In many ways it saved me.  It got me through some tough times. It seems many people discover weaving after an injury or loss. The process is meditative and soothing.   Perhaps it is the act of putting something together from pieces that feels so good.

I get my inspiration from nature and most importantly, from the common experiences that bind us together as humans.

I use a simple frame loom to do my weaving.  I do it solely for the art of it. My weaving philosophy is that if it looks good and holds together, then do it. I seek to elevate weaving past craft and into art, and I don’t hesitate to combine my other mediums into my woven art.

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