Hand woven art inspired by the beautiful Tennessee River/Tennessee Valley area around Chattanooga and life's little milestones.   I incorporate salvaged yarn from the carpet and rug industry in the Dalton area, as well as some yarns from India, that I've gathered along my career path as a rug designer.  I also use items from my vast collection of baubles I amassed as a belly dance student and costume maker.  I jokingly coined the "eat, pray, rug" hashtag during a work trip to India to learn more about hand woven rugs.  It has began a journey that possibly has nothing to do with rugs at all.  As I weave my way through it, it is proving that like the yarns in a tapestry, everything is connected, and that something can not exist without the thing that came before it. 

I  gladly do commissions, and you can always come by the studio to see what I have available.