Studio 4E:   I share a studio with Janet Campbell Bradley of Janet Campbell Jewelry. We both are offering workshops out of our studio at Chattanooga Workspace. We are formerly Studio 4K Design, as that was our studio.  In October last year we moved to 4E and confusion has run amok. 

I offer mainly weaving classes. I call it "Art Weaving" because it has no functional purpose, and feel fiber is just another medium like paint.   I like my pieces to be conceptual and tell a story.   If it holds together, I'm ok with you doing it. 

Beginning in March 2019, I will be offering my classes through The Chattery. I’m looking forward to it!

The next weaving workshop will be March 16th and registration is open!



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Janet and I share a space but we are separate in our pursuits, and we support each other. If you are interested in Jewelry classes with Janet: Visit the Janet Campbell Jewelry Facebook page.